Fee Structure

Our fees are private dental fees and bear no relation to the fees set by the medical aid/insurance industry.

In order for you to understand the fees we are charging, you need to be aware of the background to the determination of fees, so that you don’t confuse “medical aid rates” with our private fees. The Health Professional Council of South Africa issues an annual National Health Reference Price List, which serves as a baseline that the medical schemes use for determining their benefits (medical aid rates) for their members. Unfortunately these rates do not reflect the actual cost of providing a particular dental procedure and that of running a private dental practice.

Our fees are based on the time we spend for individual procedures and to provide our patients with dental care of the highest standard based on our clinical experience and expertise. Our practice is unable to be financially viable by charging “medical aid rates”. We therefore charge our own private fees which are on average three times that of the medical aid rates.

We highly appreciate your financial commitment and investment to proceed with comprehensive dental treatment and therefore we would gladly discuss the applicable fees for your treatment along with different options of treatment modalities and the financial implications thereof before proceeding with your treatment. If you request a written proposal and estimation of fees, we would gladly provide you with same.

Settlement of your account is done immediately on the day after your treatment. We accept cash, cheques, credit cards and direct EFT payments by prior arrangement. We will issue you with a statement which you can submit to your medical aid company for re-imbursement directly to you.

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