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I am a general dentist with a special additional degree in advanced restorative dentistry called prosthodontics. I pride myself in providing top quality dental care to all my patients. I have set a standard of excellence in the care of all my patients and exceptional personal service is the corner stone of my practice. It is also my  passion to enhance and restore the aesthetics (cosmetics) of my patients’ teeth and thereby the natural beauty of their teeth and smiles.

 Our waiting room has a relaxed
atmosphere and is child-friendly.

We also do assessments of the mouths of our young patients to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary. We believe in nurturing our young patients, because they will then grow up into happy and content adult patients. We therefore treat the very young and the elderly all the same.

We provide detailed examinations to all our patients during their initial consultations. When we do these examinations we focus on all aspects of your mouth: your teeth, jaw joints, muscles and gums; we know that gum disease (bleeding gums, bad breath and receding gums) can lead to the loss of your teeth if not timeously treated. We also have a close look at your oral mucosa for problems like ulcers, swellings and signs of early cancer.

Based on this information we provide you with comprehensive treatment planning and written treatment proposals where required. These written proposals also include an estimation of fees. We therefore provide you with all the information to assist you make the right informed choices regarding the restoration of your teeth.

If the restorative dentistry on your teeth requires the services of a dental technician, we contract the best technicians using the state-of-the-art materials and equipment, which includes CAD/CAM technology, to manufacture our crowns, bridges, porcelain inlays and veneers, gold fillings, and dentures.

We believe in the principle ‘prevention is better than cure’: by having regular routine examinations and professional cleaning of your teeth by our resident oral hygienist, Angela Baker, we can help you prevent gum disease and tooth decay. We can recommend the best type of toothbrush, toothpaste and adjuncts to cleaning your teeth at home such as the best suited floss, mouth rinses and water jet cleaners for your specific type of gums and teeth. Apart from dietary counseling to prevent tooth decay and tooth erosion, we also strongly recommend protective fissure sealants (coating) especially for our children’s newly erupted permanent molars to prevent decay in the long-term.

 Our practice is set in a tree-lined complex with safe, secure and ample parking.

We believe in building two-way long-term relationships with our patients to make their treatment personal and in a relaxed atmosphere. We know that with modern treatment techniques, we can provide painless, effective and definitive treatment to all our patients: young and old.

We provide specialist treatment for the loss of teeth with implant supported crowns and bridges, cosmetic dentistry, smile designs, porcelain inlays and veneers, crowns (caps), tooth whitening, dentures, fixed bridges, root canal therapy, amalgam-free fillings, resin tooth-colored (white) fillings and general metal-free dentistry.

Please give us a call on 011 783 5511. We would love to meet you and to be of assistance to you.

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