Metal Free Dentistry

We have the technology available today to provide you with dental restorations (fillings) that are metal free and tooth coloured. This means that you can get rid of those ugly metal fillings in your mouth and have them replaced with the appropriate metal free resin or porcelain fillings. The latter are tooth coloured and match the colour of the natural teeth, giving your mouth a nice healthy and young look when you smile, talk and laugh.


The old-fashioned amalgam fillings are made of a silver alloy which contains mercury. Mercury is a poison that is released off the surfaces of the amalgam fillings over the lifetime of the filling. Although a controversial issue, it is put forward by many experts that it could have a detrimental effect on your health. This could therefore be another reason for the replacement of these metal fillings with metal free fillings, inlays and crowns. (For more information, please go to:

metal-free-dentistry-2With the modern materials available to us, we can do crowns and bridges which are metal free. This makes them look more life-like and beautiful and it also prevents those ugly black lines above the crowns on the gum line. The pictures on the left show a before and after picture of what can be achieved with utilising metal-free crowns to achieve a pleasant aesthetic result and a beautiful smile.

metal-free-dentistry-3 Please give us a call to assist you with your metal-free dental requirements.

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